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Youtube Features You Must Use

10 Worthwhile But Often Overlooked YouTube Features People Should Check Out


YouTube, which is owned by Google, is an extremely useful platform with a plethora of features you can easily overlook. It’s a very popular video sharing site, bringing in millions of people each day. There is so much that YouTube offers – no matter if you’re checking videos out or uploading your own content.  So, what are the 10 features many people don’t know about YouTube?

Background Play

This is done only through iOS handsets. Go to Safari and visit the YouTube site. After you play a video, hit the Home button. This should bring up the Control Center. Slide this up and hit the “Play” button on the screen.

Loop Playing

When watching a video, you can pause it and right click the mouse on the video. In the menu, you should see the “loop” option. This setting will ensure the video plays over and over.


If you’re unable to understand the video accent, you can turn the captions on. On the right-hand side of the video, you should see the CC button. Hit it, and you’ll see an option for caption languages. Pick the one you need.

Dark Mode

People browsing on the mobile can go to dark mode. All you need to do is open the YouTube App and visit Settings.  From that, you should see the dark theme. Hit that to activate it.

Eliminate The Clutter

Are you distracted by YouTube? If so, you can lower the window – to allow you to focus on your work. Visit if you want a non-complicated YouTube window that you can easily use.


YouTube is controllable via keyboard shortcuts. There are a plethora of tutorials on keyboard shortcuts – make sure to check these sources out.

Reduce The Data Usage

There are ways, via the YouTube mobile app, to reduce the use of the apps or data usage. Go to the Settings area, visit General and toggle on the “Limit Mobile Data.”


If you want to keep things private on YouTube, you need to visit Settings and pick Change or View Your Account Settings. Hit the Privacy Checkup so things – liking videos, subscriptions and playlists – remain private.


There are instances when you share a video with friends but only want them to watch a certain part of it. You can pick the time of where the video should begin and share the link with your friends.

YouTube’s TestTube

Consider signing up for YouTube’s TestTube feature, which allows you to be involved with the community. The idea is to create a better platform.  If you like the idea of trying out new things, then the TestTube feature from YouTube is certainly something you need to consider.