why use wordpress

Why Use WordPress


Most people who have never created a website view it as a daunting, complicated task – thinking they need the skills and know-how to successfully develop a website. However, it doesn’t have to, especially with today’s Internet software and technology.  There are just two things a person needs to make their online presence known: a computer and Internet connection.

Not so long ago, people needed to use programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web and Artisteer to create a website. However, these days, people can make use of the free publishing platforms – they are straightforward, flexible programs that allow people to easily design a beautiful website.

Introducing WordPress…

One extremely popular publishing platform is called WordPress.  It’s a high-tech publishing platform that puts emphasis on three things:



Web criteria

This is the program people often turn to when they want to create and maintain their website or blog.


9 Reasons WordPress Is The Ideal Publishing Platform For Your Website or Blog

Are you still not convinced that WordPress is your go-to publishing platform when you’re ready to create a blog or website? Well, what will convince you? Consider reading the nine reasons WordPress is chosen most by many novice website builders.

1 – Great For Websites As Well As Blogs

When WordPress was first introduced, it was designed as a blogging system. As it has grown, it developed into a full-featured web content management system. Therefore, it allows people to use WordPress to manage, not just a blog, but an entire website. If you’re not looking for a huge website and only a blog, that’s perfectly fine too!

2 – Extensive Number Of Themes

WordPress has thousands of professionally-designed themes that you can choose from. Therefore, if you’re on a limited budget for your business or are just creating a blog, there’s no need to employ a professional web designer.

3 – Mobile Web

Don’t make the assumptions that traffic to your website is happening on just a computer. Many people these days are using their phones, tablets and other mobile devices to visit websites. Therefore, you’ll be glad to know that WordPress is mobile ready so that your visitors can actually check out your website. Without a good-looking, mobile ready website, your visitors using a tablet or smartphone will go elsewhere.

4 – Search Engine Approachable 

According to Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, WordPress answers all kinds of SEO problems. After all, it offers free SEO plugins to ensure it is search engine approachable.

5 – Plugins

WordPress offers an array of plugins (currently around 7,000) for your website or blog, allowing you to think outside the box.  Some popular plugins WordPress offers includes:

Stream News Live (real-time domestic and worldwide news, using program AJAX)

All-in-One SEO Pack (routinely improves your website or blog for search engines)

WP FollowMe (lets you include the Twitter “Follow Me” badge to your website or blog)

6 – Customizable 

The themes of WordPress are customizable, which allows you to create a website or blog all your own. The beauty of WordPress, in general, is that its themes allow for this customization. That’s what makes it so much better than other publishing platforms. You have thousands of themes you can choose to make your website or blog appear original.  However, you’ll have to establish WordPress as your hosting company.

7 – User-Friendly

WordPress.org describes itself as helping people create a website or blog in three simple steps:

Locate a web host and have outstanding hosting and support.

Download and install WordPress.

Look over the WordPress material to become an expert.

It really is just as simple as that!

8 – Supportive Community 

WordPress has a global community that is extremely supportive. There are numerous support forums that can provide you with advice and feedback along with free modules and plugins… all to ensure you get the best experience from WordPress and its offerings.

9 – Open Source Platform

WordPress is considered an open source platform, meaning its software is free for use. The site’s source code is available for the community, which means you can develop and customize modules and plugins to help the platform grow even more. In essence, an open source website is a good thing.