Why Twitter Followers Leave

6 Important Causes Behind Why People Unfollow A Brand In Mass Exodus On Twitter 

Twitter is a great marketing tool when you’ve got a great rapport going with your customers. Roughly 67 percent of people would purchase from a brand they follow, which is why businesses need to increase their followers and keep them.

6 Key Reasons People Will Unfollow Your Brand On Twitter 

1 – Little to No Interaction 

Did you know that 21 percent of people unfollow accounts that offer no type of conversational Tweets? You don’t have to be tweeting every five minutes (unless that’s your goal), but you do need to find some time to remember your Twitter users who want to stay in touch with you. Failure to do this results in them unfollowing you.

2 – Spammer

All brands are permitted to sell a certain amount with their profile. However, 47 percent of people said they will unfollow brands who sold a bit too much, and 48 percent will unfollow brands that do an excessive amount of self-promotion. If you’re always tweeting links that go back to your buying pages with very little actual Tweet content, then people are going to be annoyed with you after some time.

The best thing you can do is find relevant conversations, get talk with people who are tweeting with you and make posts that are interesting and/or useful to your followers.  After that, you can do a little advertising because it’s not regarded as an unwelcome interruption to their feed.

3 – You’re Offering No Assistance 

55 percent of all Twitter users feel questions need to be answered within one hour, and the percentage rises to 72 percent when there is a complaint.  If you make a timely response, more than 30 percent of your customers will purchase from you again. If you’re not staying in touch with them and offering them helpful assistance, they’re going to dis-follow you.

4 – You Offer Nothing In Return 

More than 30 percent of people start following brands to get freebies; more than half to get news on promotions or discounts. There’s no reason to buy something expensive and give away, but you should provide free samples, give offers or exclusive updates every now and then to keep the half from unfollowing you and earn additional followers to your brand.

5 – You Don’t Tweet… At All

A big reason people start unfollowing brands is that they want to get rid of inactive brands to balance out their following ratio. If you don’t tweet, people assume you’re just not active. This will make you one of the first to be cut from their following.  And, even worse, if they don’t see you active on Twitter, they see it as your business is no longer in operation. This also means they’ll go to your competition.

6 – You Use Your Brand As A Personal Soapbox 

Don’t use your brand as a personal soapbox. If you want to tweet about controversial topics like politics or religion using your brand, be prepared for people who do not agree with your views to unfollow you.

It’s true that you can’t please everybody… try as you might! Don’t worry if you have a few “unfollows” every now and then, as that happens. However, you do need to be mindful of what causes people to mass-exodus from your Twitter account so you can ensure this doesn’t happen to you and your brand.