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Twitter Advice For Small Business

Useful Twitter Information for Small Business

This is just a short post containing vital information about Twitter and its usage. A quick reminder of the rules of the game since you are likely to forget them at times when you start to get totally immersed with tweeting and following other Twitter users.

Here are the more important ones:

You may only follow a maximum of 1,000 accounts per day.

You may post up to a maximum of 1,000 tweets per day.

For the direct messages (DM), you may only send 250 per day max.

You can change your email only four times within one hour.

You are not allowed to engage in what Twitter calls as ‘targeted abuse’ such as sending messages to a single user using multiple accounts, sending abusive messages to other Twitter users, and sending messages that include threats.

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts meant to engage in abusive or disruptive active ties or technical abuse.

You are not allowed to buy or sell Twitter usernames.

For a more comprehensive listing of the Twitter Rules, you can go to http//pi


Steps to Success Action Plan

Steps to Success has been put together to give you somewhere to start with your Twitter Marketing Plan. Successfully marketing with Twitter is the goal, and by starting with the activities listed here you will be well on your way to exploding your business today!

To really have success you may need to use this action plan a few times and trial a few different things to get the result you’re after. Test, Measure and Monitor needs to become your motto until you are using twitter confidently in your marketing plan!

1. Define your unique selling proposition: What is the thing that’s going to make you stand out?

2. Identify your target market: Who is actually going to enjoy following you? Who is going to buy your product?

3. Monitor and track your Twitter progress: Check at least once a day to see how many people are looking at your account.

4. Know what your competitors are doing and try to beat them in their game: follow your competitors on Twitter to keep up to date with their activities

5. Keep collecting information from which you can get sales leads: The key to succeeding on the internet is to keep up to date! Don’t fall behind!

6. Build a follow through strategy for every event you undertake: Learn how to market all of your events through hashtags and using graphics.

7. Perfect one Twitter marketing strategy first before trying another one: It’s easy to get distracted and try every strategy you can think of, but don’t spread yourself too thin. If one thing works for you, keep at it.

8. Remain focused on the task at hand at all times: the internet is made for distraction, but if you want to succeed you have to remain focused on your goals.

9. Continue to gather knowledge about Twitter and social media marketing Best Practices from various online sources: These websites are updating every day, making it easier for you to reach your audience. Make sure you know what’s happening.