5 Worthwhile Social Media Hacks That Will Increase Interest In Your Product/Service


Social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, for instance – are gradually accepting the e-commerce integration concept… realizing it’s time to make the move. Many savvy brands have already discovered the creative loophole that allows them to hack social media websites to spur the growth of their campaigns.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in doing for your product or service?

5 Social Media Hacks You Can Use Today To Spur Interest In Your Product/Service  


1 – Selling On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest 

You’re actually not allowed to sell items through your social media posts. However, you can make use of the in-stream social media storefront to bring attention to your products using those sites.

One tool that you can utilize is the ShopPost, which lets store owners to easily do this. Besides getting you exposure, the website gives you some perspective about your audience by giving you in-depth analytics and statistics.

Curalate’s Like2Buy button is another useful tool that allows you to link products from your social media profile.

2 – Live Streaming Video 

Businesses have opted to take on live stream videos as a marketing tactic. Brandlive, and similar tools allow you to use the power of video and place it on your Facebook. Brandlive is the bridge that closes the gap on digital audiences and physical products.  Besides the live stream video, you can share links to broadcasted products.

3 – Bring Attention To Reviews 

Consumers love to use reviews to decide whether or not to use or not use a product/service. According to eMarketers, 86 percent of consumers believe reviews are something to trust.  With a lot of attention on reviews, you need to use it share your reviews through social media websites. GetKudos and ServiceKick are two tools that help you to attain and share your reviews on the Internet.

4 – Ask Fans and Followers To Assist You 

You never should assume fans and followers are going to take action using their social media profile. Therefore, you need to tell them exactly what to do – be polite about it.  With a few easy to follow steps, you’ll see an increase in your engagement and growth on the social media platforms.

When it comes to Facebook, use words like “life, share and comment” on all posts. If you use Twitter, ask the followers you have to re-tweet your posts to spread the word.

In order for your followers and fans to easily use the call-to-action, include share buttons on all blog posts and your website. Another way to increase the fan base is to add a Facebook Like box to your website. Adding the Like tool means when somebody comes to your website and log onto Facebook, they’ll see friends that are also fans of your website.  With one click of a button, they become a fan as well. And, they never have to leave your website to get this done.

5 – Keep An Eye On Popular Hashtags 

Popular hashtags can, if you watch them carefully, give you the opportunity to make money.  But, you need to really watch them. If you can make a connection to your brand using hashtags, then your social media “name” is seen when users conduct a search that relates to that hashtag – posts, tweets, etc.  This will let you reach more people – to get them to know about your service product. You need to understand what a hashtag is to ensure it’s relevant. There are various to help you with this – SproutSocial is one of them.