How to use instagram for business

16 Important Tips That Will Help Your Business Successfully Use Instagram 

Have you considered using Instagram for your business; but, are unsure of how to effectively make use of the program? Before you dive head-first into Instagram, there are some simple tips that will help you successfully use it at the professional level.


1 – Don’t Click First, Think 

There are two key questions to ask yourself:

What am I using Instagram for… its purpose?

What style and tone am I looking for the images to portray?

2 – Be A Regular User First

Before you try using Instagram as a professional, be a regular user of it first.  This gives you some idea of what Instagram is like and a little experience on how it works for regular users. It also helps you with generating more ideas for your other social media networks.

3 – Think Of Your Product

When it comes to using Instagram, you really need to think about your product. What are you selling? What are you using to sell your services? You don’t want to get too promotional, as you want to engage with your followers. Remember, Instagram is geared toward everyday folks taking daily pictures.

4 – Create A Customer Profile

Successful brands create a customer profile by closely looking at the kind of content their followers are posting. For instance, a brand can learn how many of its followers are posting images of t-shirts.

5 – Combine Social Media Campaigns

Ask yourself if you’re able to use Instagram along with your Twitter and Facebook social media, and how to effectively combine them with your social media campaign.

6 – Be Strategic About Posts 

Despite the fact that Instagram is a visual platform, you still need to strategically think about the posts you make – including what you post and when you post it.

7 – Think About Your Instagram Handle

When you’re creating an Instagram account, you should consider using your Twitter account name. Thus, when content is tagged and shared on Twitter, your @username is linked to a Twitter bio.

8 – Pick The Best Content

When you use sneak previews, be sure to showcase your product. Many publishers and clothing companies will use Instagram to showcase the new additions before the launch date with a sneak peak.

9 – It’s All About Cuteness 

How many times have you seen pictures of cute animals and funny quotes? These pictures tend to go viral and get positive feedback.

10 – Make Business Announcements About Employees

When it comes to promotions and announcements, Instagram is a great place to let people know about the people you’ve just hired and shows people that your business is a great place to work.

11 – Show Off Your Service and Customers

When it comes to business promotion, showcase your service and customers. For example, Virgin America will give their Instagram followers a taste of what the company is like by showing off their customers and the fun things they do to make the flying experience an enjoyable one.

12 – Starting With A Meaningful Approach  

Start your approach off with the right manner. Most people don’t think about their filters and how it can change the way people engage with the business. However, it can have a significant impact. With the right filter, you can see a 60 percent increase in customer engagement.

13 – Location Matters

Instagram is useful in ensuring standard scenery looks better. Use its filters to brighten colors. For example, an average sunset can be made into something remarkable.

14 – Show Off Your Style Sense 

There’s a simple tip to remember: if your photo doesn’t look good before you use the Instagram filter, it’s not going to look good after you use it. The idea behind the website’s filters is to ensure your photo has a professional look. The goal of your success is to ensure the end product fits your company’s style.

15 – Do Some Experimentation 

Instagram has many filters that allow you to change pictures into images. Most people look to check out the “Do you remember when” times. What’s your brand’s history? Use Instagram to give users some visualization of the history.

16 – Bring Out Your Brand’s Personality 

Businesses should view their using of Instagram like they do the other social media platforms. You want to showcase the personality of the brand, but give followers information about it.