9 Ways That You Can Build Your Twitter Followers Base


More and more people are using social media to engage with people and business all around the world. Therefore, it’s extremely important for businesses to take advantage of this method. Twitter is big for companies because the website allows them to share news, attract potential customers and engage with both loyal and new ones.  However, it’s not easy to do!

9 Ways That You Can Grow Your Twitter Account

How can you increase the number of your followers that could be implemented on your other social media sites?

1 – Be Courteous and Follow Others

When people favorite your tweets or retweet your tweet, make sure you follow them. When you can, be engaging with your followers. When you reach out to people, they’ll want to come back and do the same – often by making comments or following you.

2 – Stay Active 

It’s important you follow new folks each day – regardless of how long you spend on the network. If you’re busy and away from your computer, consider using your phone to help you follow folks.

3 – Expand Your Reach

How many times have you heard someone say, “Go for quality, not just quantity”? There is truth in that but why not go for both to expand your reach.  You need to expand upon your community, which can be done through shares and tweets.

4 – Retweet On A Regular Basis 

It’s important – even though you have things to pay attention to – to retweet someone new each day. By doing this, you can earn their loyalty.  Apply this method to increase your follower base, regardless of the network. One social media website you shouldn’t overlook is Instagram. If you spend a month putting attention on following others, you’ll soon see your social media base grow. Be sure you stay in contact with the following to continue increasing the base.

5 – Have Your Eyes Open 

Look at people who retweet your tweets on a regular basis or share your blog. Make a tweet a favorite to show them that you know they are there. And, in the future and when called for, return the favor.

How can this help you? The more people notice that you see them and their efforts, they’ll retweet you more often.  And, the more your brand or Twitter handle is seen, the higher the chance that you’ll get an organic following.

6 – Eye On The Prize 

Be sure you tweet content that’s in high quality and relevant.   People will come to your page on a regular basis to share the tweets you make. People who are excited about your brand will pass the message you make along and bring additional visibility.

7 – Show Your Talents Off

Twitter is an ideal place to show people what you can do. This is especially true for photography and writing. If you’re a writer who has important and informative information, make sure you share that on Twitter. The same thing goes for pictures. People will share them and give you additional visibility that can lead to more followers in your network.

8 – Network and Engage Offline 

Many people are sharing their passions – food, nature, exercise, etc. If you love taking pictures, consider putting together a photo walk. By taking your social media offline, it lets people share pictures of you as well as their Twitter handle, which leads to more followers for you. It’s also a great conversation starter – online and offline.

9 – Find The People Who Influence Others 

Try to reach out to people who appear to influence other people and feature them on your blog. They’ll be glad to share your material with their readers and this will to increase your follower base and your readers.

With these nine points, you should see an increase in your brand – plant seeds and see what takes shape and grow. One hour each day will provide you with a strong, healthy community.