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12 Key To Help You Boost Traffic To Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the one site people spend hours upon hours on watching videos. However, if your YouTube channel isn’t getting the kind of views you think it needs or deserves, you should know there are things that you can do to increase your traffic.

Boost Traffic To Your YouTube Channel

Regularly Post Material

If you want subscribers to your YouTube channel, you need to give them a reason to subscribe. You need to give them content on a regular basis. Post at least two times a week – the same day and around the same time – so your subscribers can know when the new content is coming.

The more content you post, the more YouTube is going to notice. This will help in ranking videos, appearing in its recommended list and leading to more traffic. Be sure to develop a content strategy that helps you post regularly.

Customized Thumbnail 

The thumbnail is typically the first thing people see in a video. Therefore, you need to come up with a catchy title and make it so eye-appealing that people will want to click on it. In the majority of cases, YouTubers upload a screenshot for the thumbnail, but this won’t help you in the long run.

Come up with a customized thumbnail – something creative that will stand out. If you can’t create your own, you can hire a designer to do one for you. If you opt to do it yourself, use Photoshop and read online tutorials.

Make SEO A Priority

Uploading and ranking videos on YouTube is similar to posting something and having it ranked in SERPs. For something to rank, you need SEO. YouTube provides an array of tools that allow you to do search engine optimization before you upload a video.

For the video to optimize, you need an eye-appealing title. Make sure to drop several keywords into the title. Remember to keep SEO in mind, as it benefits your rankings SERPs and your users.

Communicate With Your Fellow YouTubers

Find people working in your niche – follow their channels, comment on the work they do and follow them on their social media pages. Avoid leaving random comments; you want to come across as someone important to them.

Once they see you as something more than a fan, you can forge a friendship and consider collaborations together. The great thing about collaborations is their subscribers will learn about you and subscribe to your channel too.

Add A Call-To-Action 

By adding a call-to-action, you encourage people – entice them to take action. If they’re distracted by watching other YouTube videos, you can always remind them to subscribe to your channel. If you mention when your next content will go up, you can encourage them to sign up for your material.

Optimize Videos With Keywords

Keywords are king with content – be it writing, pictures or videos. If you want to increase the amount of views you get, you need to use the latest keywords to boost video optimization. Come up with a video title that includes keywords so viewers can find your material.

Come Up With Alluring Title

The title for your video is the first thing people will see. Therefore, ensure your video title is something that appeals to the masses and has trending keywords. You want the title to let people know about the contents of the video.  If the video is about the various ways to use Quest Bars, your title should be something along those lines.

Add A Description 

If you have a lengthy video and your goal is to get them to watch the entire video, consider adding a descriptive video to it. You want something that keeps the readers enthralled – to make them watch the video after reading the description of the video. Make sure not to add the ending of.

Embed Videos With The Blogs

If you have blogs that relate to your video, consider embedding the blogs into the video. This will help to promote both the blogs and video at the same time. This is a wonderful way to promote the video while sharing the views about it.

Invite Family and Friends To Share The Video

Be sure to invite your family and friends to join the campaign, asking them to share the video with their friends. Reach out to people you trust or have a connection with so they’ll share the video.

Share Videos Via Social Media

Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites to promote the videos. This allows you to reach more people. This will help you to increase or purchase video views.

Reader-Calling Word 

When it comes to reader-calling, it means using words to catch a readers’ eyes so they’ll watch your video. Reader-calling words include: free, discount, guaranteed, money-saving, etc. For instance, “5 Guaranteed Ways You Can Lose Weight In Two Weeks.”