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Youtube Features You Must Use

10 Worthwhile But Often Overlooked YouTube Features People Should Check Out


YouTube, which is owned by Google, is an extremely useful platform with a plethora of features you can easily overlook. It’s a very popular video sharing site, bringing in millions of people each day. There is so much that YouTube offers – no matter if you’re checking videos out or uploading your own content.  So, what are the 10 features many people don’t know about YouTube?

Background Play

This is done only through iOS handsets. Go to Safari and visit the YouTube site. After you play a video, hit the Home button. This should bring up the Control Center. Slide this up and hit the “Play” button on the screen.

Loop Playing

When watching a video, you can pause it and right click the mouse on the video. In the menu, you should see the “loop” option. This setting will ensure the video plays over and over.


If you’re unable to understand the video accent, you can turn the captions on. On the right-hand side of the video, you should see the CC button. Hit it, and you’ll see an option for caption languages. Pick the one you need.

Dark Mode

People browsing on the mobile can go to dark mode. All you need to do is open the YouTube App and visit Settings.  From that, you should see the dark theme. Hit that to activate it.

Eliminate The Clutter

Are you distracted by YouTube? If so, you can lower the window – to allow you to focus on your work. Visit if you want a non-complicated YouTube window that you can easily use.


YouTube is controllable via keyboard shortcuts. There are a plethora of tutorials on keyboard shortcuts – make sure to check these sources out.

Reduce The Data Usage

There are ways, via the YouTube mobile app, to reduce the use of the apps or data usage. Go to the Settings area, visit General and toggle on the “Limit Mobile Data.”


If you want to keep things private on YouTube, you need to visit Settings and pick Change or View Your Account Settings. Hit the Privacy Checkup so things – liking videos, subscriptions and playlists – remain private.


There are instances when you share a video with friends but only want them to watch a certain part of it. You can pick the time of where the video should begin and share the link with your friends.

YouTube’s TestTube

Consider signing up for YouTube’s TestTube feature, which allows you to be involved with the community. The idea is to create a better platform.  If you like the idea of trying out new things, then the TestTube feature from YouTube is certainly something you need to consider.


how to promote your video

Easy Ways To Promote Your Videos On Youtube

12 Key Ways You Can Promote Your YouTube Videos 

Are you looking to increase the amount of views of your YouTube videos? If so, then you’re in luck. Believe it or not, there are 12 important strategies that will help you to effectively market and promote your company’s YouTube videos.

  • Use the available YouTube videos such as appropriate tagging, title and descriptions that are relevant to your material and brand.
  • Add a call-to-action to your videos that entice people to do something – comment, share, rate or like your videos.
  • Promote videos to people in your circle – family, friends, clients or customers. Ask them to watch the videos and share them.
  • Use the power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. When you become active on these sites, you become the face of your brand. Create a presence on your social media sites and use them to promote the videos.
  • Add your videos to your business blog or website.
  • Share video links with your clients or customers through the opt-in email.
  • Make use of public relations methods (press releases) to reach out to reporters, editors and bloggers to produce free media coverage for the videos. There are all kinds of ways to reach out to your target audience.
  • Use SEO strategies to get your YouTube channel and videos listed with search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo to ensure listing placement.
  • Talk with other companies already using YouTube for the same audience you’re targeting but are not competing with you directly. This lets you get the collaborator’s audience’s attention.
  • Promote the YouTube channel through all printed means – sales materials, catalogs and brochures. Don’t forget to use traditional advertising.
  • Purchase keyword advertising via Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and Google. Google offers AdWords for video, which is an extremely powerful tool to promote your videos uploaded to YouTube.
  • If your business has the budget, you can employ the services of a YouTube video marketing company to develop a promotional campaign that will ensure your business’ success.


how to use hash tags

How To Use Hashtags

How To Use Hashtags to Expand Your Twitter Audience?


A hashtag is a keyword or a key phrase (without spaces) that is prefixed by the pound sign (#). It is essentially a metadata tag whose function in social media (particularly on Twitter where it first appeared) is to group messages that contain the keyword or key phrase together in one set. It makes the search for messages (or tweets in the case of Twitter) a lot less difficult since all the user has to do is search for the hashtag and he will get all the messages (tweets) contained in the set.

But on Twitter, a hashtag is more than just a mere word or phrase. It is a powerful tool, which will help you expand your Twitter audience, connect people with common interests, and spark a stream of conversation about the topic at hand. Twitter users have in fact elevated hashtags to the next level —i.e., into unabridged, un-moderated, impromptu discussion forums with tremendous potentials to trend and go viral.

Unfortunately, however, the hashtag is one Twitter feature that is largely misunderstood, often misused, and a lot of times gravely abused by some Twitter users. As you will notice later on, once a hashtag starts trending, a lot of opportunistic users will use it to piggyback on the trend and promote their selfish ends without contributing anything of value to the discussions.

Used properly, hashtags can reap tremendous marketing mileage for you; if misused, it can lead to epic failures as in the case of the hashtag #McDStories of the famous McDonald’s food chain. It drew quite a lot of responses alright, but unfortunately, the hashtag turned into a ‘hashtag’ as disgruntled customers started tweeting negative comments about the food chain.


hashtag marketing today


To avoid such epic fails, here are some hashtag best practices you can put to good use:

Create your very own hashtags so that your followers can easily identify with your brand as well as with each other. Avoid doing a piggyback on an existing hashtag.

Keep your hashtag simple yet unique. Don’t forget that you only have 140 characters in a tweet and the hashtag shouldn’t take up a big portion of it. Make sure that your hashtag is not only short and simple; it must also make sense and be quite easy to recall.

Blend your hashtag with your tweet making sure that it goes well with the flow and readability of the tweet. It doesn’t matter if you put it in the beginning or at the end or in the middle of the tweet itself as long as it does not disrupt the flow of thought of your tweet.

Use hashtags sparingly. Avoid overloading your tweet with a lot of hashtags as your followers may shy away from re-tweeting hash-tag-heavy tweets. The rule of thumb here is to use no more than two hashtags in a tweet.

Craft your hashtags wisely because once it goes live you can’t control how people will use it. It can backfire on you as in the McDonald’s case where it reaped more negative comments than positive ones.

Tweet an explanation of your hashtag before you start using it in your tweets especially if it is something people won’t be able to immediately understand.

Once your hashtag goes live, encourage your Twitter friends, fans, and followers to help you spread it around by re-tweeting it.

Spread your hashtag beyond Twitter by embedding the hashtag tweet feed on your blog site and other networking sites. There are Twitter tools available for this purpose like `Twubs”.

twitter for small business

Twitter Advice For Small Business

Useful Twitter Information for Small Business

This is just a short post containing vital information about Twitter and its usage. A quick reminder of the rules of the game since you are likely to forget them at times when you start to get totally immersed with tweeting and following other Twitter users.

Here are the more important ones:

You may only follow a maximum of 1,000 accounts per day.

You may post up to a maximum of 1,000 tweets per day.

For the direct messages (DM), you may only send 250 per day max.

You can change your email only four times within one hour.

You are not allowed to engage in what Twitter calls as ‘targeted abuse’ such as sending messages to a single user using multiple accounts, sending abusive messages to other Twitter users, and sending messages that include threats.

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts meant to engage in abusive or disruptive active ties or technical abuse.

You are not allowed to buy or sell Twitter usernames.

For a more comprehensive listing of the Twitter Rules, you can go to http//pi


Steps to Success Action Plan

Steps to Success has been put together to give you somewhere to start with your Twitter Marketing Plan. Successfully marketing with Twitter is the goal, and by starting with the activities listed here you will be well on your way to exploding your business today!

To really have success you may need to use this action plan a few times and trial a few different things to get the result you’re after. Test, Measure and Monitor needs to become your motto until you are using twitter confidently in your marketing plan!

1. Define your unique selling proposition: What is the thing that’s going to make you stand out?

2. Identify your target market: Who is actually going to enjoy following you? Who is going to buy your product?

3. Monitor and track your Twitter progress: Check at least once a day to see how many people are looking at your account.

4. Know what your competitors are doing and try to beat them in their game: follow your competitors on Twitter to keep up to date with their activities

5. Keep collecting information from which you can get sales leads: The key to succeeding on the internet is to keep up to date! Don’t fall behind!

6. Build a follow through strategy for every event you undertake: Learn how to market all of your events through hashtags and using graphics.

7. Perfect one Twitter marketing strategy first before trying another one: It’s easy to get distracted and try every strategy you can think of, but don’t spread yourself too thin. If one thing works for you, keep at it.

8. Remain focused on the task at hand at all times: the internet is made for distraction, but if you want to succeed you have to remain focused on your goals.

9. Continue to gather knowledge about Twitter and social media marketing Best Practices from various online sources: These websites are updating every day, making it easier for you to reach your audience. Make sure you know what’s happening.




5 Worthwhile Social Media Hacks That Will Increase Interest In Your Product/Service


Social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, for instance – are gradually accepting the e-commerce integration concept… realizing it’s time to make the move. Many savvy brands have already discovered the creative loophole that allows them to hack social media websites to spur the growth of their campaigns.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in doing for your product or service?

5 Social Media Hacks You Can Use Today To Spur Interest In Your Product/Service  


1 – Selling On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest 

You’re actually not allowed to sell items through your social media posts. However, you can make use of the in-stream social media storefront to bring attention to your products using those sites.

One tool that you can utilize is the ShopPost, which lets store owners to easily do this. Besides getting you exposure, the website gives you some perspective about your audience by giving you in-depth analytics and statistics.

Curalate’s Like2Buy button is another useful tool that allows you to link products from your social media profile.

2 – Live Streaming Video 

Businesses have opted to take on live stream videos as a marketing tactic. Brandlive, and similar tools allow you to use the power of video and place it on your Facebook. Brandlive is the bridge that closes the gap on digital audiences and physical products.  Besides the live stream video, you can share links to broadcasted products.

3 – Bring Attention To Reviews 

Consumers love to use reviews to decide whether or not to use or not use a product/service. According to eMarketers, 86 percent of consumers believe reviews are something to trust.  With a lot of attention on reviews, you need to use it share your reviews through social media websites. GetKudos and ServiceKick are two tools that help you to attain and share your reviews on the Internet.

4 – Ask Fans and Followers To Assist You 

You never should assume fans and followers are going to take action using their social media profile. Therefore, you need to tell them exactly what to do – be polite about it.  With a few easy to follow steps, you’ll see an increase in your engagement and growth on the social media platforms.

When it comes to Facebook, use words like “life, share and comment” on all posts. If you use Twitter, ask the followers you have to re-tweet your posts to spread the word.

In order for your followers and fans to easily use the call-to-action, include share buttons on all blog posts and your website. Another way to increase the fan base is to add a Facebook Like box to your website. Adding the Like tool means when somebody comes to your website and log onto Facebook, they’ll see friends that are also fans of your website.  With one click of a button, they become a fan as well. And, they never have to leave your website to get this done.

5 – Keep An Eye On Popular Hashtags 

Popular hashtags can, if you watch them carefully, give you the opportunity to make money.  But, you need to really watch them. If you can make a connection to your brand using hashtags, then your social media “name” is seen when users conduct a search that relates to that hashtag – posts, tweets, etc.  This will let you reach more people – to get them to know about your service product. You need to understand what a hashtag is to ensure it’s relevant. There are various to help you with this – SproutSocial is one of them.


9 Ways That You Can Build Your Twitter Followers Base


More and more people are using social media to engage with people and business all around the world. Therefore, it’s extremely important for businesses to take advantage of this method. Twitter is big for companies because the website allows them to share news, attract potential customers and engage with both loyal and new ones.  However, it’s not easy to do!

9 Ways That You Can Grow Your Twitter Account

How can you increase the number of your followers that could be implemented on your other social media sites?

1 – Be Courteous and Follow Others

When people favorite your tweets or retweet your tweet, make sure you follow them. When you can, be engaging with your followers. When you reach out to people, they’ll want to come back and do the same – often by making comments or following you.

2 – Stay Active 

It’s important you follow new folks each day – regardless of how long you spend on the network. If you’re busy and away from your computer, consider using your phone to help you follow folks.

3 – Expand Your Reach

How many times have you heard someone say, “Go for quality, not just quantity”? There is truth in that but why not go for both to expand your reach.  You need to expand upon your community, which can be done through shares and tweets.

4 – Retweet On A Regular Basis 

It’s important – even though you have things to pay attention to – to retweet someone new each day. By doing this, you can earn their loyalty.  Apply this method to increase your follower base, regardless of the network. One social media website you shouldn’t overlook is Instagram. If you spend a month putting attention on following others, you’ll soon see your social media base grow. Be sure you stay in contact with the following to continue increasing the base.

5 – Have Your Eyes Open 

Look at people who retweet your tweets on a regular basis or share your blog. Make a tweet a favorite to show them that you know they are there. And, in the future and when called for, return the favor.

How can this help you? The more people notice that you see them and their efforts, they’ll retweet you more often.  And, the more your brand or Twitter handle is seen, the higher the chance that you’ll get an organic following.

6 – Eye On The Prize 

Be sure you tweet content that’s in high quality and relevant.   People will come to your page on a regular basis to share the tweets you make. People who are excited about your brand will pass the message you make along and bring additional visibility.

7 – Show Your Talents Off

Twitter is an ideal place to show people what you can do. This is especially true for photography and writing. If you’re a writer who has important and informative information, make sure you share that on Twitter. The same thing goes for pictures. People will share them and give you additional visibility that can lead to more followers in your network.

8 – Network and Engage Offline 

Many people are sharing their passions – food, nature, exercise, etc. If you love taking pictures, consider putting together a photo walk. By taking your social media offline, it lets people share pictures of you as well as their Twitter handle, which leads to more followers for you. It’s also a great conversation starter – online and offline.

9 – Find The People Who Influence Others 

Try to reach out to people who appear to influence other people and feature them on your blog. They’ll be glad to share your material with their readers and this will to increase your follower base and your readers.

With these nine points, you should see an increase in your brand – plant seeds and see what takes shape and grow. One hour each day will provide you with a strong, healthy community.


Instagram For Business

Multiple Ways Instagram Can Help Businesses Market Themselves and Their Products

Numerous companies are using Instagram in order to promote their services and/or products, using it to increase their mobile presence.   Such brands and individuals that are using it include:

  • CNN
  • David Blaine
  • Grammys
  • National Geographic
  • Playboy
  • Starbucks

Did you recently hear the news that Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion? If that’s any indication of the social media website’s potential and the profits it could entail, then who knows what will prove it. How can businesses use this to increase their profits and bottom line?


How Can Instagram Help Your Business

How Instagram can help your business grow really is dependent upon the kind of business you have. There are various ways that you can include Instagram into your business marketing plan. If you have a product you can show off in pictures, use Instagram. You’ll need to create an account for the business, take eye-appealing pictures of your product and share those pictures in the feed. In just one click, you can easily share those photos with your social media networks.


4 Additional Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram 

1 – Event Marketing 

If you’ve got an event coming up, consider marketing to people using fun pictures. You can be creative with text, but more so with pictures. Instagram is definitely “the” platform to showcase your marketing photos and spread the word about the event.

2 – Have A Photo Contest

Consider holding a photo contest, where people take pictures using or holding your product. They then send their favorite pictures to you that relate to your product/service. You can also do a “caption this” contest, uploading your own picture.

3 – Locate Fans

Instagram is useful for finding people that like your product/service and use it, allowing you to connect with people who have related interests. It also helps you to connect with prospective customers.

4 – Share Your Story

Believe it or not, Instagram is great at telling a story – a story of pictures that is. Consider using pictures to show how you started your company, what kinds of beliefs you have and what is your business about.

Instagram gives you the chance to do some story-telling. Therefore, you need to get creative and take photos your employees, products, events and the office, if you want. A good idea is to give your followers a glimpse into life behind the screen – show them everything that goes on in how the product is developed and what people do at the office.  Use pictures to acquaint them with each employee and their role in the company.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a service provider or an entrepreneur, use Instagram today by taking picture of the entire business process – start to finish. Be sure you post pictures of people happy with your work or product.


4 More Ways Instagram Can Help Your Business Grow

Now, there is more to Instagram than what you already know about it. In fact, you can take your Instagram use a bit further.

1 – Hashtags 

Hashtags, like they do on Twitter, will bring you the views, and typically from folks that didn’t know about you.

2 – Editing Apps

Increase the potential of people following you by using other the photo-editing apps with the social media website. For instance, iPhoto, 360, Hipstamatic and Camera+ can help you make your images stand out among the other photos.

3 – Bring Attention To Your Service/Product

Consider using Instagram to showcase your service or product. Provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how they can use it. You can also take pictures of people using your product in fun locations.

4 – Add Instagram Pictures To Your Website 

You may think that the only thing you can do with Instagram is view pictures you take with the app. However, you can also use Instagram to take photos, filter them and put them onto your website.

why use wordpress

Why Use WordPress


Most people who have never created a website view it as a daunting, complicated task – thinking they need the skills and know-how to successfully develop a website. However, it doesn’t have to, especially with today’s Internet software and technology.  There are just two things a person needs to make their online presence known: a computer and Internet connection.

Not so long ago, people needed to use programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web and Artisteer to create a website. However, these days, people can make use of the free publishing platforms – they are straightforward, flexible programs that allow people to easily design a beautiful website.

Introducing WordPress…

One extremely popular publishing platform is called WordPress.  It’s a high-tech publishing platform that puts emphasis on three things:



Web criteria

This is the program people often turn to when they want to create and maintain their website or blog.


9 Reasons WordPress Is The Ideal Publishing Platform For Your Website or Blog

Are you still not convinced that WordPress is your go-to publishing platform when you’re ready to create a blog or website? Well, what will convince you? Consider reading the nine reasons WordPress is chosen most by many novice website builders.

1 – Great For Websites As Well As Blogs

When WordPress was first introduced, it was designed as a blogging system. As it has grown, it developed into a full-featured web content management system. Therefore, it allows people to use WordPress to manage, not just a blog, but an entire website. If you’re not looking for a huge website and only a blog, that’s perfectly fine too!

2 – Extensive Number Of Themes

WordPress has thousands of professionally-designed themes that you can choose from. Therefore, if you’re on a limited budget for your business or are just creating a blog, there’s no need to employ a professional web designer.

3 – Mobile Web

Don’t make the assumptions that traffic to your website is happening on just a computer. Many people these days are using their phones, tablets and other mobile devices to visit websites. Therefore, you’ll be glad to know that WordPress is mobile ready so that your visitors can actually check out your website. Without a good-looking, mobile ready website, your visitors using a tablet or smartphone will go elsewhere.

4 – Search Engine Approachable 

According to Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, WordPress answers all kinds of SEO problems. After all, it offers free SEO plugins to ensure it is search engine approachable.

5 – Plugins

WordPress offers an array of plugins (currently around 7,000) for your website or blog, allowing you to think outside the box.  Some popular plugins WordPress offers includes:

Stream News Live (real-time domestic and worldwide news, using program AJAX)

All-in-One SEO Pack (routinely improves your website or blog for search engines)

WP FollowMe (lets you include the Twitter “Follow Me” badge to your website or blog)

6 – Customizable 

The themes of WordPress are customizable, which allows you to create a website or blog all your own. The beauty of WordPress, in general, is that its themes allow for this customization. That’s what makes it so much better than other publishing platforms. You have thousands of themes you can choose to make your website or blog appear original.  However, you’ll have to establish WordPress as your hosting company.

7 – User-Friendly describes itself as helping people create a website or blog in three simple steps:

Locate a web host and have outstanding hosting and support.

Download and install WordPress.

Look over the WordPress material to become an expert.

It really is just as simple as that!

8 – Supportive Community 

WordPress has a global community that is extremely supportive. There are numerous support forums that can provide you with advice and feedback along with free modules and plugins… all to ensure you get the best experience from WordPress and its offerings.

9 – Open Source Platform

WordPress is considered an open source platform, meaning its software is free for use. The site’s source code is available for the community, which means you can develop and customize modules and plugins to help the platform grow even more. In essence, an open source website is a good thing.


How to use instagram for business

16 Important Tips That Will Help Your Business Successfully Use Instagram 

Have you considered using Instagram for your business; but, are unsure of how to effectively make use of the program? Before you dive head-first into Instagram, there are some simple tips that will help you successfully use it at the professional level.


1 – Don’t Click First, Think 

There are two key questions to ask yourself:

What am I using Instagram for… its purpose?

What style and tone am I looking for the images to portray?

2 – Be A Regular User First

Before you try using Instagram as a professional, be a regular user of it first.  This gives you some idea of what Instagram is like and a little experience on how it works for regular users. It also helps you with generating more ideas for your other social media networks.

3 – Think Of Your Product

When it comes to using Instagram, you really need to think about your product. What are you selling? What are you using to sell your services? You don’t want to get too promotional, as you want to engage with your followers. Remember, Instagram is geared toward everyday folks taking daily pictures.

4 – Create A Customer Profile

Successful brands create a customer profile by closely looking at the kind of content their followers are posting. For instance, a brand can learn how many of its followers are posting images of t-shirts.

5 – Combine Social Media Campaigns

Ask yourself if you’re able to use Instagram along with your Twitter and Facebook social media, and how to effectively combine them with your social media campaign.

6 – Be Strategic About Posts 

Despite the fact that Instagram is a visual platform, you still need to strategically think about the posts you make – including what you post and when you post it.

7 – Think About Your Instagram Handle

When you’re creating an Instagram account, you should consider using your Twitter account name. Thus, when content is tagged and shared on Twitter, your @username is linked to a Twitter bio.

8 – Pick The Best Content

When you use sneak previews, be sure to showcase your product. Many publishers and clothing companies will use Instagram to showcase the new additions before the launch date with a sneak peak.

9 – It’s All About Cuteness 

How many times have you seen pictures of cute animals and funny quotes? These pictures tend to go viral and get positive feedback.

10 – Make Business Announcements About Employees

When it comes to promotions and announcements, Instagram is a great place to let people know about the people you’ve just hired and shows people that your business is a great place to work.

11 – Show Off Your Service and Customers

When it comes to business promotion, showcase your service and customers. For example, Virgin America will give their Instagram followers a taste of what the company is like by showing off their customers and the fun things they do to make the flying experience an enjoyable one.

12 – Starting With A Meaningful Approach  

Start your approach off with the right manner. Most people don’t think about their filters and how it can change the way people engage with the business. However, it can have a significant impact. With the right filter, you can see a 60 percent increase in customer engagement.

13 – Location Matters

Instagram is useful in ensuring standard scenery looks better. Use its filters to brighten colors. For example, an average sunset can be made into something remarkable.

14 – Show Off Your Style Sense 

There’s a simple tip to remember: if your photo doesn’t look good before you use the Instagram filter, it’s not going to look good after you use it. The idea behind the website’s filters is to ensure your photo has a professional look. The goal of your success is to ensure the end product fits your company’s style.

15 – Do Some Experimentation 

Instagram has many filters that allow you to change pictures into images. Most people look to check out the “Do you remember when” times. What’s your brand’s history? Use Instagram to give users some visualization of the history.

16 – Bring Out Your Brand’s Personality 

Businesses should view their using of Instagram like they do the other social media platforms. You want to showcase the personality of the brand, but give followers information about it.


Why Twitter Followers Leave

6 Important Causes Behind Why People Unfollow A Brand In Mass Exodus On Twitter 

Twitter is a great marketing tool when you’ve got a great rapport going with your customers. Roughly 67 percent of people would purchase from a brand they follow, which is why businesses need to increase their followers and keep them.

6 Key Reasons People Will Unfollow Your Brand On Twitter 

1 – Little to No Interaction 

Did you know that 21 percent of people unfollow accounts that offer no type of conversational Tweets? You don’t have to be tweeting every five minutes (unless that’s your goal), but you do need to find some time to remember your Twitter users who want to stay in touch with you. Failure to do this results in them unfollowing you.

2 – Spammer

All brands are permitted to sell a certain amount with their profile. However, 47 percent of people said they will unfollow brands who sold a bit too much, and 48 percent will unfollow brands that do an excessive amount of self-promotion. If you’re always tweeting links that go back to your buying pages with very little actual Tweet content, then people are going to be annoyed with you after some time.

The best thing you can do is find relevant conversations, get talk with people who are tweeting with you and make posts that are interesting and/or useful to your followers.  After that, you can do a little advertising because it’s not regarded as an unwelcome interruption to their feed.

3 – You’re Offering No Assistance 

55 percent of all Twitter users feel questions need to be answered within one hour, and the percentage rises to 72 percent when there is a complaint.  If you make a timely response, more than 30 percent of your customers will purchase from you again. If you’re not staying in touch with them and offering them helpful assistance, they’re going to dis-follow you.

4 – You Offer Nothing In Return 

More than 30 percent of people start following brands to get freebies; more than half to get news on promotions or discounts. There’s no reason to buy something expensive and give away, but you should provide free samples, give offers or exclusive updates every now and then to keep the half from unfollowing you and earn additional followers to your brand.

5 – You Don’t Tweet… At All

A big reason people start unfollowing brands is that they want to get rid of inactive brands to balance out their following ratio. If you don’t tweet, people assume you’re just not active. This will make you one of the first to be cut from their following.  And, even worse, if they don’t see you active on Twitter, they see it as your business is no longer in operation. This also means they’ll go to your competition.

6 – You Use Your Brand As A Personal Soapbox 

Don’t use your brand as a personal soapbox. If you want to tweet about controversial topics like politics or religion using your brand, be prepared for people who do not agree with your views to unfollow you.

It’s true that you can’t please everybody… try as you might! Don’t worry if you have a few “unfollows” every now and then, as that happens. However, you do need to be mindful of what causes people to mass-exodus from your Twitter account so you can ensure this doesn’t happen to you and your brand.